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IDC is a group of enthusiasts led by the principles of solidarity, active inclusion, equal rights, decent jobs and satisfied people. These principles are integrated in all our programs and activitieswhich we continually keep on innovating.

Main program focus of IDC:

Social development

Economic development

Equal rights

Volunteer program

Even though our founders have been active in the sector since 2002, our association was officially registered in 2007. All its activities IDC performs through its offices in Belgrade and Nis, where our employees, dozen of external associates and volunteers are working.

We conduct projects in 10 different cities in Serbia, and we have the experience of project implementation in more than 40 cities in Serbia.

The employees of IDC are widely experienced in programs of social welfare, retraining, additional training, active job search, development of social services in a community, programs for enterprise development, seminar organizations, trainings. Likewise, our team is highly experienced in project management, development and implementation of different projects, especially projects financed by European Union.

We are working with vulnerable social groups, mainly those are below the poverty threshold and united with them we are trying to fight for the higher degree of social inclusion.

Starting from the establishment, more than several thousands of beneficiaries have passed through our programs, beneficiaries who participated in some of our projects.

We realize our goals through individual projects supported by a number of donors and partners.