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IDC is a member of the international network of civil society organisations Samaritan International (SAM.I). One of the basic principles of this network is that all people have the same right to provide first aid to people in need. In order to contribute to the realization of the principles of the network through active inclusion and training of young people for first aid, IDC formed a first aid volunteer team in 2016.


“Through practical training volunteers build I can help attitude and strengthen their own capacities for responding in crisis situations that can affect everyone”

-SAM.I Network 


Isidora Banovic Belic, team leader of the volunteer team first aid:

“First aid provided by the person on the scene is an important link in saving human lives. However, it is also a reflection of humanity and altruism, therefore, first-aid knowledge should be a part of the general health culture of all citizens. ”

Where do I see IDC’s volunteer team in the future?

The task of a trained  IDC’s first aid volunteer team would be going out on the field in emergency situations such as natural disasters, but also traffic accidents and other disasters caused by human activity. The team could also take on the role of lecturers at various gatherings, schools, companies, and educate various categories of population to provide first aid.

If you want to join the IDC Volunteer Team of First Aid contact us at volonteri@idcserbia.org or call + 381 11 3129992!