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For many years we have, within different projects, dealt with the programs for retraining and additional training of the members of vulnerable groups, through different trainings and informal education. Until now, we have organized the trainings mainly for the refugees and internally displaced persons, but for the Roma people too, as well as for the socially vulnerable local population, for which we have prepared trainings for the most different  professions for which there is a demand on the labor market: trainings for painters, ceramics, chefs, beauticians, masseuses, plasterers, operators of construction machines, bookkeepers, hairdressers, steam heating installers, air-conditioning installers, forkliftersand many other crafts.

Trainings for bookkeepers

Trainings for chefs

Trainings for painters

Our trainings lasted mainly for 6 months, and most of the training included the practice, usually in the private companies, accounting agencies, restaurants and construction companies, so the participants of our trainings were well-trained for the quality work. We have prepared the certification of the trainings with the cooperation with the institutions dealing with the formal education, secondary vocational schools, making the contracts of technical cooperation. The programs for trainings were prepared by school professors, so the programs were adjusted to the regular school program of secondary vocational schools, and at the end of the training there was a board consisting of the professors of school who were monitoring the final exam. Since the examination of knowledge and skills was at the highest level, on our certificates, there was the school logo, as well as the signature of the director and stamp of the school.