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Who are we?

The Association of Citizens Initiative for Development and Cooperation (IDC) is a non-profit organization dedicated to the social and economic inclusion of vulnerable groups and the protection of their human rights.

Our story begins in 2007, when a group of people connected by work realized that they share something more – a vision of the society in which they want to live. From the Spanish organization Movement for Peace, which was present in the Balkans, several initiatives for development and cooperation were born. Since then, our initiative has been continued and kept alive by the same people, but also by new people.

There are always new ideas, and the same vision: Satisfied people in a just society, on the basis of which the program goals of our organization were set.

What do we do?

IDC has rich experience in programs of economic empowerment, adequate housing, development of social services in the community, creation of a favorable environment for the development of social entrepreneurship and application of this model, organization of seminars and trainings, implementation of volunteer programs, provision of direct humanitarian aid, provision of free legal aid and others areas.

Our engagement in these areas has also resulted in membership in various international, regional and national networks of civil society organizations.

Our team consists of individuals who have good knowledge in the areas listed above, but also experience in project management, and the development and implementation of various projects. Recently, IDC has also been registered for the provision of consulting services.

Our results

IDC is the initiator and founder of three social enterprises – EkoBaG, Zadruga (AgroIRIS) and FrigoIRIS.

Over the years, over 2000 individuals have increased their chances of employment or found employment through our projects. Over 200 families received a permanent housing solution, and over 1,200 individuals received free legal aid. During the migrant crisis IDC medical teams provided over 50,000 medical interventions. Through the donations of our partners, medical equipment and medicines, ambulance and transport vehicles for health and social care institutions in Serbia were provided. By collecting funds in the community, through numerous humanitarian and volunteer actions, IDC raised help for families who live in difficult conditions or suffered the consequences of floods or other crises.

In the years to come, we continue towards the point where social responsibility and innovation meet. We believe that this combination enables a better society for all of us.

If while reading this text you have ideas about how we could together create a better society for everyone, contact us via email admin@idcserbia.org or via phone +381 11 3129992.