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INCLUSIVE First Aid (INFA) Inclusive First Aid (INFA) aims to conduct a best practice exchange on first aid training for people with disabilities (PwD). Under the inclusion of relevant target group stakeholders, we will collect, debate and document practices that have led to successful learning results. This results in two intermediate goals: Valuable lessons learned […]

DIGI First Aid

DIGI First Aid One of the main goals of the project is to share experiences on different digitalisation opportunities and approaches, as well as obstacles and problems encountered during the first aid training virtualization process. Duration of the project:  May 2022 – October 2023 Total budget: 30.000 EUR The project is implemented by Samaritan international network […]

WISEs 4 Youth

WISEs 4 Youth The general objective of this project is to develop training activities for social entrepreneurial skills development targeting potential young social entrepreneurs in Western Balkans. Project activities: The development of training curricula in WISEs management consisted of 2 modules. The first module will cover all important aspects of skills development for youth leading […]


The purpose of the Net-Works project is to help to establish new national and/or regional networks of work-based adult education providers, providing them with key organizational management knowledge and tools to strengthen their ability to effectively and efficiently provide adult education – especially for those furthest from the labor market – within the participating countries. […]

WAVE-YEU? – What about values? Youth and social work for young migrants/refugees

Focus of the project is exchange of good practices in youth social work regarding to the transfer of European values by working on social inclusion of young migrants.   Erasmus+ Key Action 2: Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices Strategic Partnership for Youth Project budget: 113.800 EUR Project duration: 09/2019- 09/2021 Project […]

M.E.E.T. – Mobility for European Exchange and Training

The exchange aims at improving the youth workers’ competencies, broadening their understanding of practices in youth work and of the interconnections between formal and non-formal education, vocational training, and the labour market.   Erasmus+ Key Action 1: Exchange of youth workers Project budget: 17.685 EUR Project duration: 08/2019- 03/2021 Project partners: Caritas Wien, Caritas Trieste, […]


This project wishes to address and combat cyberbullying, and other harmful actions such as writing threats or hateful and abusive comments, nonconsensual sharing of nude images/videos, and intentionally or unintentionally sharing other content that has a hurtful outcome for another person. Apart from raising the awareness of bullying online the project is focusing on the […]

TECS-Training and further Education in Care and Social Services

The main objective of the project is to exchange best practices in the area of vocational education in the social service sector, with the focus on staff in care – elderly care, support to persons with disabilities, child care, home emergency call systems, etc. The project includes exchange of practices among nine civil society organizations […]

The power of stories in ‘difficult’ topics – explaining inequalities and economy

The project aim was to equip youth workers with broader knowledge regarding Social Economy and possibilities that it gives in terms of promoting tolerance and feeling of solidarity with excluded groups in local communities. Additionally its aim was to equip youth workers with knowledge of Storytelling as a tool of non-formal education, as well as […]

Youth empowerment for change

The project aimed to provide an overall understanding for youth workers on the mechanisms of change and the relevant role of youngsters in influencing the reality and triggering social changes. Erasmus+ Key Action 1: Training for youth workers Project budget: travel costs for participants covered Project duration: 8 – 16 October 2016 Project partners: Albania, […]

WOW (World of work) for youth

October 2014 – April 2016 Name of the project: ‘WOW (World of Work) for youth – everything you wanted to know about the employment, but you did not know whom to ask’ Project value: 119.313.00 EUR IDC in a cooperation with the partners FIC, IDEAS Institute, Filcams – CGIL and SOLIDAR started the project WOW […]