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The program Equal rights for everyone is dedicated to promotion, exercising and protection of the human rights of the vulnerable social groups. The significant results were achieved on the field of providing the free legal support to the internally displaced people, refugees and returnees and other vulnerable groups, as well as on the field of labor and social rights.

The program Equal rights for everyone is dedicated to the promotion, the exercise and protection of the human rights of the vulnerable social groups. The main goals of the program consider enabling the approach to the justice and decreasing the social exclusion of the vulnerable categories of the population, through the instrument of free legal aid, and improvement of public policy and institutional practices forstrengthening the principles of the rule of law in the Republic of Serbia, and indirectly in the region.

IDC is also a member of the working group for asylum within the project ‘Networking and building the capacities for effective migration policy – extension’ . The project was realized by Group 484 in the cooperation with Belgrade center for human rights and Belgrade center for security policy with the financial support of the Norwegian embassy and Fund for the open society, Serbia. During 2014, within the project, the fourth publication of ‘Challenges of the forced migrations in the Republic of Serbia’ was issued, named ‘Challenges of the asylum system’. As in the past few years, the members of the IDC analyzed the position of the minor asylum seekers unaccompanied by a parent or guardian, within the asylum working group,  as well as the legal frame, and suggested the recommendations with the aim of more efficient and adequate protection of minor rights in the Republic of Serbia.

IDC has also been a member of the organizations of the civil society named Human Rights Network, which was established with the support of OEBS and Group 484. The network is encouraging the dialogue in the region, networking and building the capacities of the local, regional and international organizations of the civil society dealing with the refugee crisis and migration.