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Erasmus+ Exchange “DigiO – Digital Opportunities”


The youth exchange “DigiO- Digital opportunities” was held in Horezu, Romania from April 16 to April 26. The seminar was organized within the Erasmus+ project by the organization APDD Dacia.

The aim of the seminar was to strengthen the capacity of organizations and young people through mobility, peer-to-peer learning and the exchange of experiences in working in a digital environment and using digital tools. The activities that were carried out included various workshops, quizzes, team work and presentations using digital tools. Also, there were organized a study visit to the city of Sibiu, the cultural capital of Europe in 2007.









The seminar was attended by participants from 19 European countries, including our representatives from IDC and Serbia – Marija, Katarina, Anđela and Katarina.

“The first thing I want to say is that I am proud of all people, old and young, but most of all the youth of the world that exudes warmth, human qualities that are recognized in their intellect, work, empathy… The coach who left a great impression and guided us through the learning process in a very direct and professional manner. I wouldn’t waste many words, but this Erasmus was a great emotion and experience, friendship with others, a school for myself, in which I can find better my place in the same.” – Katarina

“This was a beautiful experience. I learned a lot, both about digital tools that will help me in my work, and about interpersonal relationships. Excellent workshops, organization, as well as a trainer who was there for every doubt. I made friends, exchanged experiences and brought back beautiful memories from Romania. Erasmus+ is an excellent opportunity for young people to get to know themselves, as well as other cultures and people.” – Anđela









“Participating in the DigiO Erasmus+ training was a wonderful experience, with great organization, interactive workshops and networking opportunities with people from different countries. Thanks to this training, I expanded my knowledge, made new friends, and like every Erasmus so far, it inspired me for future professional and personal development.” – Katarina

“Participation in the training was really interesting and interactive. Through various workshops and with the support of a fantastic trainer, I had the opportunity to learn more about digital tools, data protection… and apply them practically. Of particular importance were the workshops that we organized ourselves as participants and through which I gained significant friendships from which great ideas for future partnerships were born. International evenings were also interesting where we got to know different cultures and had a great time.” – Marija