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Erasmus+ Exchange ,,Design Thinking for local advocacy”


The training on “Design Thinking in local advocacy” was held in Busteni, Romania and lasted from May 10, 2024. until 19.05.2024. The training was attended by 22 participants from different European countries, as well as three trainers. The training was organized within the Erasmus+ program, and the coordinator was the organization A.R.T Fusion from Europe.

The goal of this training course was to provide insights into design thinking strategies and local advocacy skills that can be used in shaping relationships between civil society, public institutions and other actors. Also the improvement of professional skills and the exchange of experiences in working with young people and their initiatives through various types of activities such as workshops, presentations, games…










IDC was represented at this program by Filip Mićić and Amer Muratović, who are involved in work with young people, especially from vulnerable social groups. They shared their impressions of the program:

“I am delighted, really delighted. The whole training exceeded my expectations. From fantastic educators who always had useful and meaningful suggestions and ideas, to the knowledge they passed on to us in a creative way. Also, other participants, although of different ages and cultural backgrounds, sharing their ideas and experiences significantly enriched the entire learning process. I think that through this process I gained lifelong friendships and gained broad knowledge about the design thinking method in local activism and advocacy, which I will definitely try to apply in my future work.” – Filip Mićić

“As for my experience, it was very interesting. We got along great as a group and had good communication with the coaches. We learned a lot of useful things in a practical way and through interesting activities. One of those was the presentation of the project to local authorities where we worked on creating an application that would help people communicate more easily with doctors through voice messages in order to quickly tell them how to react or reach them. Also, we had an international day where we represented our countries, national products and through that had the opportunity to get to know different cultures. All these activities contributed to me gaining friendships and knowledge that will certainly mean a lot to me in my further work with young people and in my further training.” – Amer Muratović