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 We are proud to announce that in early November, IDC in cooperation with the City of Šabac and the Directorate of Agriculture of the City of Šabac founded and registered a social enterprise.

Agro IRIS was created within the “Rural development after the floods” project, implemented by cooperative implementation partners ASBÖ-Arbeiter-Samariter-Bund and IDC – Initiative for Development and Cooperation, as the peak of our many years of activities in the field of strengthening the social rural component.

Agro IRIS is a social enterprise, whose main goal is the production and marketing of the best quality fruit and vegetables through a specific business model that ensures the socio-economic strengthening of cooperative societies’ agricultural holdings. By combining the resources of the social enterprise and our subcontractors, we have made delicious and healthy products, and the special added value of our products is the fact that our company’s business is in accordance with the principles of social entrepreneurship.

Under the brand of our social enterprise ,,ZaDruga “, expect the best dry plums, pears and apples, on sale very soon, prepared for you by Agro IRIS in cooperation with its subcontractors from Šabac.

At this time, we invite all friends, partners, associates and others who share with us the idea of ​​building a just society through socially responsible business for all, to support the Agro-IRIS social cooperative by purchasing products from its assortment.