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Distribution of equipment for 11 beneficiaries with self-employment support – Reintegrate II

In Novi Pazar, equipment was distributed to 11 beneficiaries who, as part of the project “Reintegration II – further support for sustainable (re)integration of returnees in Serbia,” received grants in the form of equipment worth up to 340,000 dinars per grant, in the second round of activities. In addition to grants as supporting for self-employment, beneficiaries also received mentorship and counseling to better perform their activities.

The total value of support is over 3,500,000 dinars, and the supported activities include:

  • Cosmetics – hairdressing salons
  • Accounting agency
  • Design studio and production of light clothing
  • Wood chopping services, carpentry, and painting works
  • Pastry shop, pizzeria, and fast food restaurant

Contributing to the development of these activities encourages diversity in service offerings within the community and contributes to economic growth. Investing in the local labor market is a key initiative aimed at supporting economic development and the social inclusion of hard-to-employ groups. Small grants like these are particularly important as they allow flexibility in fund usage, adapting to the specific needs of each beneficiary and contributing to a personalized approach to support, thereby increasing the chances of success in business.

In the second round of activities, support was also provided to 20 beneficiaries from harder-to-employ categories who are employed by 10 employers. The funds invested in this support through the provision of equipment, materials, and machinery to employers amount to just over 10,700,000 dinars.









It is worth noting that in the previous cycle of the project, a total of 22 unemployed beneficiaries from hard-to-employ groups were employed by 11 employers, with grants to employers for opening new job positions and business growth up to 440,000.00 dinars per newly opened job position. Additionally, 12 agricultural producers were supported in acquiring planting materials and equipment for raspberry production development, with a total investment of 13,105,000.00 dinars.

The equipment was distributed by representatives of our organization IDC – Initiative for Development and Cooperation, director Miodrag Nedeljković and project manager Igor Kojčić, which implements the REINTEGRATION II project aimed at supporting returnees and other socially vulnerable residents of the Raška district through measures of economic, psychosocial and institutional support. The awarding of the equipment was attended by the mayor of the city of Novi Pazar, Mr. Nihat Biševac, representatives of the city of Novi Pazar and the Regional Development Agency SEDA.

The project is led by the German organization ASB (Arbeiter-Samariter-Bund), with the implementation partner Initiative for Development and Cooperation (IDC) from Belgrade, and the project’s beneficiary districts are Pirot, Rasina, and Raška districts. The project is funded by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development BMZ with the support and co-financing of the City of Novi Pazar.

Information about project activities, open calls, and more are available on the project’s website www.reintegration.net.