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Donation of agricultural equipment within the project – Plant for community

10 families from the territory of the municipality of Lucani will welcome the spring season and the beginning of agricultural work with new agricultural machinery that will facilitate and speed up their work on cultivating the land!

Agricultural equipment was donated as part of the project “Plant for community”. The project is jointly financed by the Municipality of Zollikon from Zurich, with the support of Mr. Nebojsa Racic from Turica and the Municipality of Lucani, and implemented by the IDC for the third year in a row.

During these 3 years, total of 25 families from villages of Guca, Dljin, Vica, Zivica, Kotraza, Krstac, Gornja Kravarica, Goracici, Gornji and Donji Dubac, and other villages, received seedlings for raising raspberry, strawberry and blueberry plantations.
The most successful of these families received protective nets, irrigation systems and pumps through previous projects, and now also a motor cultivator, mowers, greenhouse, tarps and other agricultural equipment.

We provided all families with training and advisory support in fruit growing. The goal of the implemented projects was to empower families from the rural areas of the municipality of Lucani to create their own independent source of income, thereby supporting them economically and making life in the countryside easier.

We are also proud that through these projects municiaplities of Zollikon and Lucani have developed their partnership. During the floods that hit the Municipality of Lucani, the Municipality of Zollikon sent humanitarian aid, but also donated a kitchen to the primary school in Guca.