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Erasmus+ Youth Exchange in Romania: Multicultural Europe: Inclusion and Diversity

“Multicultural Europe: Inclusion and diversity” exchange of youth workers under this name was realized in Horez, Romania, for the duration of 20.4.2023. until 29.4.2023. The activities were organized in the form of a seminar, and were attended by a total of 52 participants, 50 youth workers and 2 facilitators (program leaders), representatives of 12 different organizations from all over Europe. The exchange was organized under the Erasmus plus program.

The coordinator of the program is an organization from Romania: Pro Dezvoltare DACIA Association (APDD). Organizations from the following countries also sent their representatives: Portugal, Sweden, Netherlands, Belgium, Czech Republic, Cyprus, Greece, Latvia, Slovakia, Serbia, Macedonia, Poland, Italy, Spain, Bulgaria, Turkey, Hungary, France and Croatia.

The general goals of this program were to increase the quality of services in working with young people, improve professional skills and exchange experiences in working with young people, as well as acquiring new skills and improving existing ones for young people from the community. IDC was represented at this gathering by Danijela Danilovic and Marija Djordjevic, psychologists by profession, who currently work with young people, vulnerable social groups and are involved in humanitarian activities of IDC.

All this was realized through a series of different interesting activities in the form of interactive lectures, workshops, brainstorming, presentations and other forms that implied active participation and exchange of opinions of the participants.

“From my point of view, I can say that it was an honor and a pleasure to represent Serbia and IDC at such a program.” Apart from the very useful information and activities that I have adopted and that I will be able to apply in my work with young people, what makes this experience especially significant for me is the fact that I met so many different interesting people and made significant friendships with them that will last. I would like to point out that this group was very active and everyone participated and contributed, which is a true example of inclusion and how diversity can work together in practice. In addition to the useful activities described, we also had the opportunity to visit the Romanian city of Sibui. It was a one-day trip where we got to know each other and socialize. As very significant, I would also point out the cultural evenings, where everyone tried to evoke the spirit of their culture through music, dance, food and drink and familiarize us more closely with their country of origin. I hope that Marija and I succeeded in that and I am very much looking forward to all future exchanges and friendships.”

Danijela Danilovic, representative of IDC