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Final activities of NetWorks project: meeting and a visit to Porto

IDC representatives visited Portugal, where we had one of the final activities of the Networks project. The project partners gathered once again for a project meeting and a study visit organized by our partner from Porto, organization A3S.

The partners had an opportunity to be informed about the Portugal Social Innovation program and learn about the great work, commitment, and understanding of the needs of vulnerable groups by Municipality Gaia, Porto, Portugal.







Municipality Gaia is the most active municipality within the Portugal Social Innovation Programme covering projects in different areas, such as education, support for the migrant population, community services, digital literacy, and inclusion. Also, a group of professionals engaged in social protection in Municipality Gaia were present at the meetup. This was an opportunity to present the work of project partners to the professionals.

The partners and professionals had an opportunity to learn about the social enterprise Escola Oficina where education and training of vulnerable groups, for around 70 persons, and recycling and reuse have been joined together. The recycling material is donated by companies, transformed into bags, pencil cases, notebooks, etc, and sold to companies through direct sale or online webshop.


The project is implemented by the ENSIE network and co-funded by the Erasmus plus program.