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Friends and donors visiting IDC

During the past two days IDC hosted two dear friends: Hans-Ulrich Pfaffmann and Timothy Wolf, visiting us to hand over two vehicles that ASB Bayern donated to IDC.
Completely equipped medical emergency vehicle was handed over to Health Center in Subotica, and the van was donated to IDC for the purpose of realization of our field activities.
In addition to the vehicles, the representatives of ASB Bayern donated equipment for the IDC clinic in Subotica, whose initial phase of work will be financed from the funds of ASB Bavaria. Representatives from ASB  donated also one first aid doll for the training of the IDC volunteer team.

Frank Voggenreiter, a representative of the Bellevue di Monaco organization, also visited us together with Mr Pffafmann and Mr Wolf, and donated medical equipment to the Health Center in Sid, and handed over a 1,000-euro check to IDC for the purchase of medicines for patients who are being treated in reception centers for refugee, migrants and asylum seekers by IDC medical teams.