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Gender mainstreaming training held for IRIS Network members

Organizations that are members of the IRIS network had the opportunity to attend online training on the topic of introducing a gender perspective in their projects, practices and development documents of civil society organizations during the previous two days.

The training was held by Mila Carovska, who has extensive experience in working with numerous civil society organizations but was also a minister in the Government of North Macedonia for two terms. She combines the perspective of the institutional and non-governmental sectors in this area. During the first day, we dealt with the topic of gender roles, stereotypes, and the concept of discrimination, and later we will move on to the very term of introducing a gender perspective (gender mainstreaming). During the second day, we continued to have the opportunity to deal in more detail with the techniques of introducing a gender perspective when writing, monitoring implementation, and reporting on projects, through practical examples and exercises.

The training was attended by over 40 participants, representatives of member organizations of the IRIS network. When we are already dealing with the gender perspective, let’s say that out of the total number of students, the largest number were women, as many as 37 of them.

This training was one of the introductory activities of the new IRIS Progress project, which brings us numerous opportunities for training, financial support for organizations’ projects, and networking. For further activities, follow the IRIS network on Facebook and Instagram.


The project is financed by the European Union.