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The final conference of the #YouthAgainstCyberbullying project held in Brussels

The final conference of the #YouthAgainstCyberbullying project was held in Brussels on July 12, 2022. For the last three years, the project has been implemented with the aim of fighting violence on the Internet and introducing young people to solutions that can be applied in situations when they face violence on the Internet.

The conference was organized by the international network Solidar, and the e-brochure, website and mobile application developed during the project were presented as part of the event. These materials were developed with the aim of helping young people become more familiar with the definition and examples of cyberbullying, the roles young people play in cyberbullying, what they can do if they are a victim of cyberbullying, advice for teachers, parents and other adults in the environment, as well as what teachers can do in their classrooms.

The conference was opened jointly by Andrei Frank, representative of the SOLIDAR Foundation and Victor Negrescu, a member of the European Parliament. The coordinator of the #YouthAgainstCyberbullying project, Carsten Andersen from the FIC organization, greeted the participants and presented project results, as well as the expectations that the partners have for the future and the fight against cyberbullying. During the first panel, the participants had the opportunity to hear live and online from Marcos Ros Sempere, a member of the European Parliament, Laura Kaun from the European Women’s Lobby and Ana Marče, frontrunner representative from Croatia, about the problem of cyberbullying and the policy solutions.

During the second panel, there was a discussion about various Erasmus+ projects, as well as the potential for synergy in the fight against cyberbullying. The speakers of the second panel were Carla Scaramella, coordinator of the E+ REACT project, Laura Chamas, coordinator of the E+ eMEDIA project, Zuzana Schreiberova, coordinator of the BRICkS project, Fiona Langballe Frederiksen, frontrunner representative from Denmark.


The #YouthAgainstCyberbullying project is implemented within the Erasmus+ program.

Project partners: FIC, Denmark, Cemea, France, Arci Liguria, Italy, Progressive Economic Policy Foundation, Hungary, Solidarna, Croatia and IDC, Serbia with the support of the SOLIDAR network