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Miodrag Nedeljkovic, as one of the panelists at Sabir festival, talked about the specifics of migrant crisis in Serbia and geopolitical position of our country between the EU member countries (Bulgaria on one and Hungary and Croatian on the other side) in the context of the migrant crisis.

This panel is only one part of Sabir Siracusa Festival organized by Arci Nazionale, CAF ACLI and Caritas Italiana in collaboration with Associazione Studi Giuridici Immigrazione, A Buon Diritto, Associazione Carta di Roma and CGIL Confederazione Generale Italiana del Lavoro, and realized the participation of representatives of civil society organizations member of the international network Migreurop, EuroMed Rights – Tunisia, European civic Forum and SOLIDAR.

Sabir Siracusa Festival is a unique event that combines cultural events – concerts, theater performances, workshops, etc. – with panel discussions, debates and lectures dealing with the current socio-political issues.