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IDC volunteers paid attention to the importance of combating discrimination in access to health services on the occasion of the World  Zero Discrimination Tolerance day.

In the context of the crisis of the welfare state, health is one of the spheres that has been rapidly transforming, and according to the observations of our volunteers, this transformation is negatively affecting mainly beneficiaries, both in terms of efficiency and accessibility of the services. Access to health services is a relevant and justified question when talking about progress and the struggle for equality in contemporary society. For refugee people, access to health services is further complicated. Affordable and adequate health care for people who were forced to flee their homes due to conflict or other reasons, is a question of democracy and the level of solidarity and development of the whole society, but especially the receiving state and local communities.

Our volunteers have identified some of the basic information that raise awareness on the obstacles to the equal access to healthcare for refugees and migrants, and demonstrated our previous efforts to contribute to the accessibility and quality of health care for migrants on the route through Serbia