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With the creation of volunteer teams in different areas, IDC began to develop an idea of specialized volunteering. This concept aims to develop volunteering in the direction in which young people, the volunteers, are not perceived unpaid labor force for unskilled jobs, which threatens to jeopardize the very idea of volunteerism and its essence.

Our aim is that young people who are involved in our activities grow and develop themselves professionally through volunteer work. Volunteering, except the time and effort put for the benefit of the community, is also a way of improving the existing and acquiring new skills, gaining first professional and teamwork experiences and meeting new people.

IDC’s media  volunteer team is at the initial stage. The field of media are recognized as the space where ideas, knowledge and skills of young people, who approached us interested in our volunteer programs, meet the activities of IDC. Idea is to complement our efforts to strengthen the position of deprived social groups with media work in order to strengthen the awareness of the general population, especially young people, about social problems in our country and beyond, share on examples of good practice and encourage active inclusion.

The media volunteer team was formed through the project You will never walk alone, which resulted with the exhibition and documentary movie, whose goal is to inform and sensitize the public about refugee crisis. Film and exhibition are available on IDC Serbia Youtube channel.