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Diverse response to refugee crisis in Serbia

total amount: 43.571,45 euros

Project is aimed to increase the quality of the provided direct assistance for the refugees in the reception centers in Serbia, and health prevention via distribution of food and non-food items as well as increasing the quality of social life of the refugees through the creation of the assumptions for the active leisure time in the reception centers.

Wishing to contribute to the balanced intake of the nutrition values of migrants who have been exposed to the invariable and monotonous food for months (they consumed only food preserved in cans by months as a basic meal all together with high percentage of hardly digestible complex sugars from chocolates, biscuites and other confectionery products), we distributed food supplements as vitamin parcels of dried fruit containing easily digestible sugars.

We also distributed of non-food items ( pairs of boots,  raincoats, socks, sleeping bags) for the refugees who are not settled in the organized Reception centers. Having in mind that these migrants are often excluded from the flow of the humanitarian assistance or it is simply very hard for them to receive it, delivering sleeping bags is crucial for them, as well as winter clothes and equipment especially for those who have entered the territory of Serbia during the summer months.

Besides the provision of quality humanitarian assistance to the refugees, one of the project activities is equipping the Reception centers with the content (sport activities, social games, toys for children etc.) for active spending of leisure time and organizing free activities by the volunteer team in order to increase the quality of social life of the refugees.

The project is funded by several Spanish donors: Xunta De Galicia, Ajuntament de València and Generalitat Valenciana.