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December 2017 – November 2021

Total budget: 1.093.807 €


Action Partners:

ASB (Germany), LIR CD (Bosnia and Herzegovina), Open Gate – La Strada (FRY Macedonia), Initiative ARSIS (Albania) and SOS Podgorica (Montenegro)

Location of the action:

Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, FRY Macedonia, Albania, Montenegro and EU countries

Overall objective of the Action:

To empower CSOs to be effective and accountable independent actors and to improve their capacity to dialogue with governments influencing policy and decision-making processes.

General information about the IRIS NETWORKing

In December 2017, IRIS Network commenced a new regional initiative developed by the IDC and its partners. The Project aims to significantly contribute to the improvement of service delivery and policy framework related to migration in the region of Western Balkans (Albania, BiH, FYRoM, Montenegro, and Serbia). The main objective of the project is to empower CSOs to be effective, accountable, and independent actors and to improve their capacity for dialogue with governments for the purpose of influencing policy and decision-making processes. CSOs social service providers will increase the quality of migrant-related services they provide, as well as internal human resources. IRIS network members will develop overall strategic guidelines and clearly define advocacy targets to be achieved. The Project stimulates dialogue between public authorities and the civil society, which will enhance transparency, accountability, and effectiveness of the migration-related policies by strengthening the participation of the citizens in the drafting, implementation, and monitoring of the laws, by-laws, and strategic framework on the state and the local level.

The Project is supported through the European Commission Programme Consolidating Regional Thematic Networks of Civil Society Organizations.


Iris Network contact details:



Twitter /IRISsNetwork

Facebook /irissnetwork