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Leaving No One Behind – adequate housing and active inclusion of vulnerable groups in the City of Čačak


Total budget: 1.314.322,60 USD

Project duration: 16 months (July 2021 – October 2022)

The overall goal of the project is to contribute to the social inclusion of women and men, girls and boys in the City of Cacak, who are experiencing poverty and social exclusion, by creating decent living conditions and facilitating their active participation in society.

Specific objective 1: Improving the living conditions of young people without parental care who come out of foster care, women victims of domestic violence, Roma, people with disabilities, and the local socially vulnerable population from the city of Čačak through adequate housing solutions and active inclusion measures.

Specific objective 2: Support the improvement of local capacities for social inclusion in the field of social housing, social protection, and civic activism.

Target groups:

Young people leaving foster care, women victims of domestic violence, Roma families, persons with disabilities, local socially vulnerable families.

Expected results:

R1: 44 families (approximately 140 individuals) will receive adequate housing solutions;

R2: built 1 multi-family building with 12 apartments; 14 individual housing units purchased (priority will be given to rural households); renovated 18 existing housing units owned by families living in inadequate conditions.

R3: 44 families (at least 88 individuals) supported by active inclusion measures which include:

  • social services
  • legal aid
  • economic empowerment (training, retraining, additional training, starting your own business, employment with a well-known employer, job search assistance, starting agricultural production and education in the field of agriculture)
  • equipping the household with furniture and white goods

R4: 1 new social service developed (psychological counseling within Zračka);

R5: Volunteer network established within Zračka;

R6: Promoted tolerance and understanding in the host community;

R7: Action promoted through media, events, and promotional materials

The project is funded by the European Union program Support to Social Housing and Active Inclusion Programme implemented by UNOPS.

The project holder is the City of Čačak, project partners are the Housing Agency of the City of Čačak, Social Welfare Centre Čačak, Centre for provision of social services Zracak Čačak and Initiative for Development and Cooperation (IDC).