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Plant for community Lucani
Total project value: 29.200 CHF

The project is a continuation of the support provided by the Municipality of Zolikon and the Municipality of Lučani last year. Successful beneficiaries, whose raspberry fields are sustainable, will be further strengthened through the procurement of antiheil nets. Within the second component, approximately 10 new beneficiaries will be selected and receive uniform packages of seedlings and additional equipment needed for the establishment of raspberry, strawberry or blueberry fields.

The project aims to economically empower people from rural areas, especially the young families, by providing them with funds for independent agricultural production of berries.

The project is partly funded by the Municipality of Zolikon in the amount of 15,000 CHF, while the Municipality of Lučani has allocated 1.500.000 RSD from its funds for the implementation of this project.

The beneficiaries of the project will be provided with training on the agricultural production of berries and mentoring support during cultivation.

The project is implemented by IDC in partnership with the Municipality of Lučani.