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February, 2017 – December, 2017

Through volunteering to sustainable community

Total value of the project: 10.000 eur

Objective 1: To support local self-governments in Serbia additionally burdened with migration crisis and prolonged stay of asylum seekers and persons likely in need of international protection while promoting full implementation of human rights

Objective 2: To maintain and enhance sustainable volunteer network while expend their activities on more local self-governments in cooperation with authorities and service providers on local level

This project builds on experience gained and lessons learned in previous couple of years of establishing a volunteer network. IDC has established a network of volunteers specialized in various activities, humanitarian work, youth work, media work, first aid, etc. The volunteering has proven many times to us to be a successful and efficient way to building active and resilient communities through promotion of civic engagement of youth. This project is aiming to expand the volunteer network in 4 different local communities in Serbia, through peer-to-peer training and build the capacities of existing volunteer network through realization of various volunteer activities.