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Language represents conditio sine qua non of integration. Mastering the language of host community makes person fully capable of participating in labor market, education as well as for civic participation. We can say the language determines the chances for dignified life and enjoyment of human rights.

On 23rd and 24th of November,  more than 120 representatives of organizations providing language support to refugees, migrants and asylum seekers attended the conference dedicated to presenting of the Council of Europe toolkit. The Council of Europe toolkit comprises 57 tools and other resources contained in the various sections of the website. It is developed in order to help volunteers providing language support to refugees understand, prepare and deliver good quality lessons, as usually they are not teachers per vocation, but only active citizens.


The conference was an excellent opportunity to exchange views and connect with people from different organizations from all over Europe. The toolkit is available online in 7 languages and available for downloading on following link: www.coe.int/lang-refugees