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IDC and the Municipality of Lučani have announced a public call for provision of seedlings of raspberries, strawberries or blueberries for families living in the villages of the Municipality of Lučani who want to start agricultural production. The public call was opened within the project Plant for a community funded by the Municipality Zollikon from Zurich and the Municipality of Lučani. The aim of the project is to reduce the poverty of rural population through improving the socio-economic status of small agricultural households in the territory of the Municipality of Lučani. This project represents the continuation of the cooperation between the Municipality of Lučani, IDC and Zolikon Municipality, who provided 15 families with raspberry seedlings, irrigation systems, pumps and other equipment, during the last year, and recently 8 families received anti-heil nets.

This year, interested parties can apply for seedlings for starting agricultural production of 20 acres of raspberries or strawberries, or 10 acres of blueberries. The appllication forms and all additional information on the application process can be obtained every working day in the Municipality until 15h. Deadline for submission of applications is July 25, 2019, until 15:00. The text of the public invitation and application forms are also available on the website of the Municipality: