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On the occasion of International Volunteer Day, Young Researchers of Serbia organized the conference “Youth is the Law 2017 – results and perspective”. Within this conference, they announced the most successful volunteer projects and international volunteer camps realized this year in Serbia, under the program Youth is the law.

Camp Volunteers for inclusion organized by IDC was declared for one of the 5 most successful international volunteer camps. Our camp was implemented in Sombor in August this year, bringing together 15 participants from 8 countries around the world (Spain, Portugal, Germany, Italy, Canada, Australia, Japan and Serbia), as well as a large number of volunteers from the local community.

The volunteers spent two weeks working on and redecorating the interior and the garden of a safe house for victims of domestic violence, and they also implemented a series of actions for children and young people accommodated in the reception center for migrants.

Our camp leader Mila is one of the actors of a web documentary Diary of a Camp leader which can be viewed at this link: http://youthleaders.online/mila.php#1