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Results of project “Reintegrate II” for 2023 year


The project “Reintegrate II – additional support for the sustainable (re)integration of returnees in Serbia” focuses on strengthening the economic and psychosocial capacities of beneficiaries, predominantly from the returnee population, as well as locally vulnerable populations.

Additionally, through the institutional strengthening of local self-governments in the Raški, Rasinski and Pirotski regions, where the project is implemented, the goal is to positively influence the social protection system and improve existing services.

During 2023, all project activities exceeded initial expectations, showing outstanding achievements in various areas – economic, psychosocial and institutional, as well as other types of project support – visibility and media coverage and team commitment, which you can read more about here.

Economic support:

42 grants for self-employment
46 newly employed beneficiaries
20 employers involved
70 business training
Study visit by the expert and project team on a regular basis – a total of 43 tours lasting three days each

Psychosocial support:

1,317 children and young people who went through the workshops
590 held workshops
2 organized performances
Participation of the team in the marathon and numerous other city activities in the regions covered by the project
Active psychological counseling center for children and young people in Novi Pazar

Institutional support:

2 exchange visits with organized trainings to strengthen social services at the premises
1 civil dialogue
Public calls for the awarding of grants to organizations at the premises in Novi Pazar with the organization of training have been announced

The achieved results of “Reintegrate II” unequivocally testify to the commitment of the project team and partners in fulfilling the mission of the Reintegration II project during 2023. The continuation of such successful efforts promises further positive transformations in the lives of marginalized communities and is a key point in shaping the future of social inclusion in the Raški, Rasinski and Pirotski regions.

The project “Reintegrate II – further support for the sustainable (re)integration of returnees in Serbia” was financed by the Federal Ministry for Development and Cooperation of the Federal Republic of Germany – BMZ. The project holder is ASB South East Europe, the implementation partner is IDC Serbia, and the user regions are Pirotski, Rasinski and Raški.