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Solidar days 2023 and Publication of Social Rights Monitor

In the last week of November IDC attended a series of events held in Brussels hosted by Solidar network within Solidar days 2023.

The recent Social Affairs Forum and Citizenship & Popular Education Meeting, part of the SOLIDAR Days 2023 series, brought together experts to shape social and economic policies in Europe. The event started with an exploration of the European Pillar of Social Rights and its implications at national levels. Detailed analyses of social and economic trends across nine European countries were presented, offering insights into various challenges and opportunities. The main findings were presented in the newest Social Rights Monitor.

Key discussions focused on vital social issues like Roma inclusion, gender equality, and access to essential services. Strategic policy recommendations were provided, covering labor market integration, fair working conditions, and social protection. A panel discussion delved into the Social Solidarity Economy’s role in a Just Transition. The afternoon session shifted to the European political landscape, discussing upcoming elections and education policies. Attendees were thanked for participating in a conference on the Social and Solidarity Economy’s role in Europe.

The task force on migration presented the publication   Upholding the right to asylum and ensuring unconditional solidarity with all people on the move

During Lifelong Learning Week (LLLWeek), the SOLIDAR Foundation and Diesis co-organized a significant event focused on the Validation of competencies acquired in the civil sector. Experts and policymakers convened to discuss the vital importance of recognizing transversal skills in society.

The discussion also emphasized the critical need for empathy and cultural competencies in today’s global and interconnected society. This event underscored the growing recognition of the value of non-traditional skills and competencies, particularly in the context of lifelong learning and the evolving job market.