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IDC representatives are participating in the SOLIDAR Training academy and the Social Affairs Forum 2018, an annual event organized by the Solidar network from Brussels.

Within the Social Forum, representatives of organizations were informed about the ongoing and upcoming activities of the network, and the activities of Solidar were presented to the participants, as well as the latest methodology for monitoring social rights across the member states of the network. The participants worked together to establish tools for a common action against populism and racism in public discourse both at the level of the European Union and in their nation states.

The topic of the Training Academy was the New Opportunities and Challenges of the European Civic Space.

This year’s event was organized in cooperation with the Center for Peace Studies from Zagreb, and through a series of workshops participants had the opportunity to increase their knowledge and skills in order advocate more effectively.

Through interactive discussions and lectures, our representatives had the opportunity to get acquainted with the good practices of civil society organizations from 10 European countries. The most valuable was the insight into the functioning and networking of Croatian civil society that played a key role during the negotiations for EU membership and networking with non-governmental organizations whose field of activity coincides with IDC. We are looking forward to successful cooperation in the future!