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Five rural households from the villages of Guca, Goracici, Vica and Zivica received 7,000 strawberry seedlings each. This amount is sufficient to raise strawberries on an area of ​​20 Acers. The seedlings were distributed under the project Plant for the community of Lučani, which was supported by the Zolikon municipality of Zurich for the second year in a row, and the Lučani municipality which also allocated funds.






Apart from strawberry seedlings, within the project we have distributed anti-heil nets to the most successful beneficiaries who were provided with raspberry seedlings, irrigation systems and other equipment needed to plant raspberry last year. In addition, as part of this year’s project, 3 households will receive raspberry seedlings and one will be supported in the establishment of blueberry plantation.

Agriculture is the main source of income for families in the rural areas of the municipality of Lučani. When applying for support under this project, the applicants themselves had the opportunity to chose the species they want to grow. The seedlings provided under the project are certified and the beneficiaries will receive training on the cultivation of berries from a prominent expert.