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Thanks to the support of the Solidar Suisse Labor Assistance Office in Serbia, IDC has been working on strengthening the institute of peaceful settlement of labor disputes for 6 years. Although the Law on Peaceful Settlement of Labor Disputes was adopted in 2004, various factors and circumstances influenced the fact that this institution remained insufficiently visible and affirmed in our country after almost 15 years, and judicial protection remains the primary form of protection of employees’ rights .

Through previous project cycles together with social partners, United Trade Unions, Nezavisnost, the Union of Independent Trade Unions of Serbia and the Union of Employers of Serbia, we also worked on improving the legislative framework, and the set of recommendations for amendments to the Law on Peaceful Settlement of Labor Disputes made by a group of experts engaged on the project were adopted. We also worked on increasing the availability of the institute through organization of trainings of new conciliators and arbiters, development of an online course for the peaceful resolution of labor disputes, realization of workshops dedicated to raising the level of awareness of the working population and employers about the advantages of using the institute of peaceful settlement of labor disputes.

This year, the project, in one of its components, aims to contribute to strengthening the visibility of the Republic Agency for the Peaceful Resolution of Labor Disputes. By making the services of the Agency more visible, the project aims to make the services of the Agency and the institute of peaceful resolution of labor disputes more accessible to its potential beneficiaries.

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