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Study visit of 14 representatives of social partners to Denmark, within the project New decent job opportunities for youth in Serbia was realized last week with successes.

Representatives of social partners (TU Independence, Independent Unions of Serbia, Employers Union of Serbia) who, in cooperation with IDC are implementing the project  were hosted by Danish project partner FIC. During the visit, they had the opportunity to see what fully developed system of dual education adjusted with labor market needs looks like, and the results results of such system best represented in the fact that the unemployment rate in this country is 8.8%, and the unemployment rate of young people is slightly above 4%.

Representatives of IDC and social partners also had the opportunity to get acquainted with the roles of social actors (trade unions, associations of employers, employment services and others) in reducing unemployment through education and job creation. They visited the Youth Employment Center and training center for re-qualification and retraining of young people, Danish trade unions and National Employment Service. Guest from Serbia also visited Danish Parliament  where they were  hosted by members of the parliament who introduced them to the National employment strategy.

The project is funded by the Danish CISU – Civil Society in Development.