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“EMPACT – Empowerment2Act” is a project of capacity development of partner organizations, co-financed by the EU Aid Volunteers (EUAV). The aim of the project was to build capacity and train participating organizations in potential host countries to host volunteers. Through the project, IDC managed to further develop the organization’s capacity in terms of basic humanitarian standards, but also to develop a comprehensive set of procedures that will improve the organization’s work in all areas. We have improved our knowledge in the field of organizing volunteer programs both in peacetime and in disaster risk reduction, humanitarian work, but also support in emergency circumstances.

As the main result of the project, we would like to point out that IDC received a certificate of quality of its humanitarian work, by awarding a certificate from the European Commission, for participation in the EU Aid volunteers program. This certificate comes as a reward and confirmation for our work in the field, but also for the development of our organization both within this project and otherwise.

Partnership and networking

During the project, we have established exceptional relationships with partner organizations that were involved in the implementation of the project. We learned about different ways of functioning in the organization of volunteer programs in other countries, exchanged experiences about hosting volunteers, and improved our knowledge in this area. As part of the EMPACT project, IDC has strengthened its partnership with organizations within the SAM.I network but have also expanded its partner network to the African continent.


Plans for the future

The European Commission recently announced the abolition of the EU Aid volunteers program, and its merger with the European Solidarity Corps program, within which IDC has been active since 2015. Together with partners and numerous organizations from around the world, we are waiting for news on what the single volunteer program will look like and function at the European level. Based on the knowledge and experience we have gained thanks to the EMPACT project, we hope for numerous joint projects in the future with the same, but also new partners.