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10th September, the World First Aid Day!

More than 90% of lives saved in major accidents are saved owing to ordinary people who found themselves on the spot and knew how to help. The accident is not always predictable, it can happen anytime and anyone can be affected. Therefore, first-aid knowledge should be a part of the general awareness and health culture of citizens.

Providing citizens with first aid  knowledge makes the community more secure and more responsive for different types of challenges such as natural disasters and other types of accidents that happen in the modern world.

Last year IDC formed a volunteer first aid team, in order to build a base of young people, who will in future, through informal education and exchange of experiences with their peers from all over Europe, become a key player in the strengthening the local community.

The newly formed IDC team took part in the 6th international competition of first aid teams of SAM.I network. See how it was:

IDC first aid volunteer team on 6th sami contest