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Activities on the IRIS project: network meeting in Serbia and grant scheme

On Tuesday, October 30, the call for projects of members of the IRIS network was closed. We received a total of 55 project proposals. A total of 61 organizations applied for support, including partner organizations on the applications. This information shows that there is a great need in the sector of social services provision, but also numerous ideas for launching initiatives in the community aimed at supporting vulnerable social groups and protecting human rights.

On Friday, October 27, we had the opportunity to host representatives of IRIS network member organizations. We held a regular meeting at the level of Serbia, we talked about current activities and network development strategy, as well as the current call for projects.

Annual meetings of the network are an excellent opportunity for representatives of organizations to meet and exchange information about their current and future activities. That’s when ideas and collaborations are born, and that’s exactly the goal of the IDC as someone who is currently coordinating the biggest project and activities of the network at the regional level. We look forward to joint projects and collaborations that arrive at our address through the announced invitation, but also in the future through new initiatives within the IRIS network and independently through the work of members!

The IRIS network is the only regional network that gathers more than 200 organizations of social service providers. The network meeting was held within the framework of the IRIS Progress project funded by the European Union.