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One more successfully finalized project – “Leaving no one behind – Adequate housing and active inclusion of vulnerable social groups in Cacak”

In the period from July 2021 to November 2023, IDC participated as a partner in the realization of one of the projects implemented within the program “European Union Support for Social Housing and Active Inclusion”

The project was implemented in the city of Cacak and during this period we managed to provide adequate housing conditions for 44 families. A multi-family residential building was built in which 12 families moved in, a total of 18 family households were reconstructed, while 14 families received a permanent housing solution by purchasing a house.

All families, i.e. 132 individuals, of which 84 adults (52 women and 32 men) and 48 children (22 boys and 26 girls), were supported through active inclusion measures. Support in the form of active inclusion included the following measures:

  • A total of 44 families were provided with a package of furniture and household appliances.
  • A support program for economic empowerment was implemented. This program included a set of activities aimed at strengthening the employability and employment support component which was implemented through the provision of machines and equipment in the amount of up to EUR 3,000. Within this component, 27 families received greenhouses, machines and tools, cosmetics, hairdressing, catering, IT equipment, and others.
  • A program of psycho-social support was implemented during the project. A team made up of defectologists, psychologists, special pedagogues and sociologists worked with members of all 44 families.
  • The beneficiaries received laptops and bicycles, to influence the overcoming of the digital divide and encourage sustainable modes of transport in Cacak.
  • Preventive medical examinations at gynecologists and pediatricians and other activities are provided for beneficiaries.

A program of workshops was implemented in the local community to strengthen empathy, solidarity, and tolerance. The program was implemented in local schools and included 114 participants, of which 51 were boys and 63 were girls.

The results of the project and the personal stories of the beneficiaries are presented in a publication that is available on our website.


The project is funded by the European Union program Support to Social Housing and Active Inclusion Programme implemented by UNOPS.  The project implemented by the City of Cacak, project partners are the Housing Agency of the City of CacakSocial Welfare Centre CacakCentre for provision of social services Zracak Cacak, and Initiative for Development and Cooperation (IDC).