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The delivery of equipment to strengthen income-generating activities in Čačak

During the previous days, a total of 12 families from the City of Cacak received greenhouses equipped with irrigation systems and tillers, wood splitters, and other equipment to strengthen income-generating activities. In the previous period, these families also received an adequate housing solution in the form of the purchase of a house and small adaptation works, or through the reconstruction of a privately owned house.

All families are part of the project “Leaving no one behind”, within the framework of which 44 families from Cacak will receive adequate housing conditions. So far, 38 of them have been supported through the purchase or reconstruction of a house, or through the allocation of an apartment for use in a building for social housing, built as part of the project. By the end of the project, we expect the completion of the reconstruction of 6 more houses and small works on 5 purchased houses.






All families receive packages of furniture and appliances. Bicycles and laptops will be provided for children and adults. During the project, all beneficiaries are included in an intensive program of psycho-social support. Preventive medical examinations at the gynecologist, breast ultrasound examinations, and examinations at the pediatrician for children are available for the beneficiaries.

IDC is, among other things, in charge of the economic empowerment component, within which we recently implemented a program to strengthen employment competencies. The distribution of direct aid in the form of equipment that will help our beneficiaries in generating or increasing income is now underway. The delivery of agricultural equipment has been completed, and by the end of the project, another 15 families will receive support in the form of IT equipment, hairdressing and cosmetic equipment, sewing machines, catering equipment, and more.


The project is implemented by the City of Cacak in cooperation with the City Housing Agency, the Center for Social Work Cacak, the Institution for the provision of social care services Zracak and the citizens’ association IDC.
The project is financed by the European Union through the EU Support to Social Housing and Active Inclusion program, implemented by UNOPS.